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    New car. Old problems

    Hi guys. First post here. First Mercedes too... So today I bought a little R170 320 for my little weekend toy. I bought the cheapest one I could find within 100 miles of my house for the following reasons; 1. It's a second car to avoid putting shopping dents in my M2 (and to keep the mileage...
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    Central Locking Fault

    I have a problem with my central locking , the back doors do not lock or unlock , the front and the boot do but not the back , had a water problem when the air box under the bonnet became blocked , i did not know there was a drain hole and it needs to be checked so water came in the passenger...
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    W210 central locking issues

    Hi guys, Just bought a 1997 E230 Elegance :D It's got a few wee things that need sorted out. It only came with the emergency key, the one with no buttons. My question is, when I unlock the drivers door with the metal key should the other doors unlock too? I have noticed that once I am in...
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    CLK500 cab key fob not working and FM radio

    The key fob is not working to open the doors or the boot unless you actually touch the door handle with it, and even then it doesn't work well. Also, the FM radio doesn't work. It sounds like the arial's been disconnected, but of course it hasn't. I suspect both faults are linked, and maybe they...
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    Sl 230 pse pump

    I have been reading a few threads and realise if I had paid more attention I might be in this mess. after a winter of frost on the inside of the car and recently condensation, i concluded the last time it must be down to lennaving a wet jacket in the boot. How wrong i was> seeing a lot damp...
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    W124 central locking issue - electrical drain

    Wonder if you guys (and girls?) might be able to help with this. My car has an electrical drain which will flatten the battery in about a week. Having gone through the fuse box with care, the only two circuits with any draw when "all off" are the clock and the central locking circuit. Now...

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