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    W212 Facelift E250 CGI reliability

    I am looking at a beautiful example of a 2014 E250 CGI with 72k miles on it all the optional extras I could ever want and a beautiful spec as well. I am coming from a 2.0TDI Passat and fell in love with the E-Class once I drove a 2010 E350 CDI but decided to go for a petrol instead. My question...
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    error code p000277

    I have an error code on my c250 cgi 1.8t, it is a p000277 'the commanded position cannot be reached' has a malfunction. the engine cut out twice in two different occasions, but the second time caused a management light.
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    Choosing W204 C250, help needed :)

    Hi all, I'm very interested in buying a c250, after driving one and reading lots of reviews - I'm hooked. I've narrowed it down to two cars: 1) 2012 C250 1.8 BlueEFF AMG Sport, 23k (auto) 2) 2010 C250 1.8 CGI BlueEFF Sport 44k (auto) I did a little reading RE the cosmetic...
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    *FOR SALE* C180 CGI W204 Steinbauer Tuning Box

    Hi Guys, I will be trading my 2012 C180 CGI in soon and have for sale the tuning box that has been fitted since new. The box is very easy to fit and really does boost the power and torque of the car. I was very impressed with the way the power is delivered when I fitted the box. Extremely...

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