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    Mercedes-Benz CLC Class (things to know before I buy)

    Hi, I am looking to buy a CLC Class 1.8 CLC180 Kompressor SE 2d PETROL; Year 2009 or 2008. Mileage from (approx.) 48,000 to 65,000. Could you please give me some insight, whether around this mileage there are major issues, certain parts that need to be changed, particular service required etc...
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    Mercedes clc203 supercharger

    Hi, ive got a 2010 manual Mercedes Clc 1.8l kompressor The supercharger doesnt seem to be working. Hoping someone can help. Ive gone through all the obvious fixes including vacuum tested numerous times have replaced the Maf Sensor 02 sensor and has also been into Mercedes but still know...
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    CLC 2008 aux cable won’t work?

    Hi Please may someone help me Already searched internet and forum. I have CLC in 58 plate with 30 pin aux cable in glovebox. Bought cable to connect to iPhone 11 and can’t get it to work. Says on controller display; No IPod I’m gutted Radio doesn’t work either. :( Many thanks in advance
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    Acceleration issue trying to diag

    Hi I have a 2010 CLC180 kompressor manual Petrol. Trying to figure out why there is no boost from supercharger when the engine warms up. From cold start it runs fine and supercharger works until the engine warms up. Once warm boost from supercharger stops and it’s very sluggish,heavy, no...
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    Which CLC is the most desirable?

    Hi, I am looking for a 2011 CLC and was wondering which would be the most desirable and depreciate the least? SE, Sport? 180, 200, 230, 350? I am leaning more towards the Sport, but am interested in others thoughts. Thanks
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    Hi everyone, a couple of months ago some fool smashed off my drivers side mirror, the whole units pretty smashed up and i've been getting by with a caravan mirror that i taped into what was left of the body, duck taped to my car. Not very nice! I've been searching tirelessly on spare part...

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