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    Poor acceleration CLK200 m111

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie here, this is my first thread. My problem with my car is, if I push the gas pedal over ~60% the car is not accelerating like it should, but if below ~60% it accelerates like a charm without any problem, it can hit the rev limiter also. But if I push it too hard the magic...
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    About to buy a MB CLK200K/W209

    Hi all, I've joined these forums to get a good idea of what I'm about to get myself into by buying a MB. I have now finished my search and looking to buy a CLK200K W209 model. Currently I am in talks with a 2002 model owner and plan to buy it from him for 2700 EURO. Currently I am in final...
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    C208 (CLK200) Twin drive belt Diagram needed!

    Hi! I'm helping my friend with his CLK200 (C208, M111.943 engine) following failure of his exhaust manifold! My friend got one of his local friendly moles to weld back the broken neck of the manifold - it's the 'coaxial' short-neck aluminium one - they ALL crack!!! I've got all the bottom...
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    Supercharger problem , any input much appreciated.

    My 2003 clk200 was driving fine until a week ago when it started losing power , the engine managment light came on. I replaced the MAF and problem solved, It drove better than ever,For ten minutes. Now the supercharger wont engage whatsover, there is no loss of power atall and no engine...
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    Mercedes CLK200k Sport 2005-2008 Buying advice

    Hi, I would generally like to know what to look out for when buying the car in the title For example what work should be carried out at certain service intervals? Mechanically wise what should I check for when buying the car? How much does this car retail between, as I have seen one that I...
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    Mercedes CLK 200 (1999) - indicators and hazards and rear demist all not working

    My indicators do not work and nor do the hazards or rear heated window (latter two on same central consol one above the other) - does anyone have any ideas what is not working, and whether the heated rear window :(could be a related problem - they do seem to share fuses, which I have checked and...

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