1. Y

    Subframe Failure

    Hi everyone, First post for me. I have a CLS55 C219 from 2006. Had it for over 10 years with little issue. Last week, driving it on highway, heard this bang from rear passenger side. Thought I had been hit. Long story short, left rear sub frame failure. Vehicle is with Mercedes dealer. Done...
  2. M113K

    Looking into purchasing a Mercedes.

    Hi all, New to the forum and Mercedes. After years of owning large Vauxhall’s such as Carlton GSi, Senator 3.0 24v and lately Omega’s and I still have two 3.2 V6 Elite models. I feel like a change. I’ve been looking into various brands and vehicles.. Such as Jaguar S Type R, XF SV8...
  3. J

    2006 CLS55 ESP Light and Limp Mode

    2006 CLS55 My ESP light came on last night after hard acceleration. After the light came on I was able to drive it, but when I floored it again it didn't seem to respond. When I got into my car this morning the light was off. After driving a little while I floored it and the light came on...
  4. G

    CLS55 AMG 2006 - Supercharger Slipping?

    Hello all, Off the back of my recent posts about the s/c in the CLS55 squealing pretty badlyi wondered if anyone had ever seen these superchargers slip? Definitely feeling a bit like Turbo lag! I can put it in manual, stick it in 2nd gear (happens in any) then I can put my foot down and...
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