1. Staunch


    Hi Everyone I could do with a pointer on a MB SPRINTER LWB 2013 with no ABS or ESP telltale lamps working on the dash at all. Ignition on both not working. a quick scan with a verus edge scanner said front Nearside wheel speed sensor faulty and data backed this up as it was saying over 500 mph...
  2. Chas1

    Instrument cluster display km/h and kPa

    Hi, is there any way to change these units in the Instrument cluster display km/h and kPa to MPH and PSI ? Ive looked at all the settings options but cant find anything ? Thanks
  3. S

    W202 instrument cluster upgrade

    Hello everyone, I recently purchesed a 1998 C-Class C180. It came with the cream fabric seats which I have upgraded to leather. I was lookin @ the white instrument cluster as an upgrade from my black one. Anyhoo my question is could this be done or would I have a problem with this. And anyone...
  4. J

    E280 (W124) Auto Est (96) Indicator lamps (cluster)

    So, I have this tiny niggle... All my cluster warning lamps work, but those for the indicators just don't show in the daytime and it is a little irritating. They are fine after dusk. I've read all the stuff warning against over-powered lamps, but it seems odd to me that MB would have thought...
  5. P

    Dead cluster and today dead ignition

    Good evening everyone, Our car is a 2002, W203 c180K automatic estate, 62k on the clock and normally drives fantastic. Yesterday I started the car to drive back home, only to realise all cluster lights, gauges, computer etc. were dead (i.e the whole cluster). Apart from that it started...
  6. M

    defective display message. CLK230

    Hi there am totaly new to this forum so any help much appreciated, I have recently had to replace a instrument cluster for my CLK 230 year 2001. Since replacing the cluster with a second hand one I now get an error, defective display, in the centre LCD. Also I have lost the electronic...
  7. C

    Warning light on Instrument Cluster

    Model: C220 Cdi Automatic 2001 Hey guys, Over the past few weeks i have started seeing a Yellow 'Coil' warning light on the instrument cluster: Anyone know what it is? It just happened to start when i have started hearing a slight squeak when truning my steering wheel. Thanks
  8. T

    Dashboard Instrument Cluster FAIL

    Hi. I know there have been other postings but can someone please point me in the right direction. C200 Elegance 1996. Firstly my petrol gauge went 'wonky' up...down...up and so on. I had battery issues (discharging) so had to recharge/ reconnect it a few times. New battery now fitted...
  9. M

    W220 Speedometer cluster is dead, Save me!

    Hello Everyone Ive been having problems with my Speedometer for my 2000 S500 W220, nothing lights exept for the SRS light and none of the gauges work, i swapt it out about 3 times now and the clusters worked in other cars, is there maybe a fuse or a could it be electricle problem, or is the...
  10. K

    w211 2003 cdi dashboard cluster,speedo failure...

    Hi, hope somebody can give me some advice,basically the car has been stood for a long time,battery was changed and then it stood for a while longer,2yrs in total . Besides it standing i did notice condensation building up on the windows now and then, i had it valeted last week and the next day i...
  11. R

    Advice please

    Hello, My cluster just went the other day. It just went while I was driving. I took a Mercedes Service Station. I also knew my brake pads were wearing down as I got a warning signal two weeks ago.I posted it on this forum. However, the service station said that my disks were 99% worn and...

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