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  1. Liamski

    A few W169 questions (HELP!)

    Hello, everyone. A new owner of a 55 Plate W169 A180CDI Elegance here. I have issues. But enough about me, back to the car: The Heater/AC blower doesn't work at all. It's the soft-touch 12 position controller one, so I think it's safe to say it's not a resistor pack and must be a bit more...
  2. S

    Postcode navigation functionality compromised upon update to comand APS 2018/19 version 19

    Hi, I own a 350 SL (R230) 2006 model and have just updated the Comand APS Navigation for Europe from Version 5.0 to version 19.0. Upon first use I was horrified to discover that the postcode search functionality has been compromised. Upon selection of the Post Code option, one progresses...
  3. W

    Autochanger/COMAND problem

    Hi all, Only had my S203 a few weeks and the COMAND's CD system is behaving strangely. Although, it could just be the autochanger... A couple of weeks ago we noticed it was refusing to play discs from the magazine. The scanning (or it may have said loading, can't remember or replicate)...
  4. M

    W164 Audio 20 -> Comand Upgrade

    SO, I just purchased a Comand APS NTG2.5 unit from eBay (yes, I know :neutral:) - and am a bit worried that I'll run into difficulty installing it. I have a 2009 ML 320CDI with an Audio 20 + Bluetooth phone (no CD changer or Amp or anything) Does anyone have any tips for installing? Things...
  5. E

    Comand APS DVD Upgrade

    Hi there all, I have just purchased a 2006 A Class A200 Elegance fitted with Comand APS DVD v2.0, 6 CD multi-changer and telephone pre-wiring. I am considering upgrading the Comand by fitting a Comand v2.5 with Hard Disk and bluetooth built in. Has anyone done this and is it a big job or just a...

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