1. Rob Eggleshaw

    W201 190e 2.3-16v Electric Windows / Sunroof

    Hello all, After your direction please. A well used 2.3-16v (220k miles) that I've inherited and am trying to get going again. One of the issues I have is with the electric sunroof - it will go back at the press of the button. Every time. A bit at a time. Absolutely no delay. However, most...
  2. Rob Eggleshaw

    190E 2.3-16v Door Seals

    Hello ever helpful forumites, Another "noob" query that I would very much appreciate your help / recommendations with please (there will be more to come as I begin the task of getting my old man's 2.3 back to a reasonable state!). Door seals - all a bit knackered, split, torn etc. I suppose...
  3. Rob Eggleshaw

    After market exhaust for 190E 2.3 16v?

    Afternoon all, 190E 2.3 16v I'm trying to establish what options I have for a replacement exhaust for my old beast. The local lot I normally use say that nothing comes up on their after market suppliers for it any more. I'm awaiting a quote back from a stainless custom lot but anyone with any...
  4. F

    Hello, new here, getting old everywhere else!!

    Hi, My name's Frank, and I'm a complusive car/project buyer. Between my dad and I, we have around 26 cars and projects, including 6 Mercedes. My current MB project is an A-reg W123 280E, that i am turbocharging, and planning to enter in this years Practical Peformance Car Maganzine's £999...

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