1. L

    W203 phone module

    as above , the phone cradle or whatever goes on the end of the wire what is in my lower central glove box? It’s annoying me as to what was there!
  2. D

    Phone mount/cradle for c350e

    I've just taken delivery of my C350e Estate and am loving it so far. However, I really really want to have my phone mounted on the dash somewhere so that I can continue to use Waze as it's much better than the built-in Sat Nav. I've looked at Brodit Proclips and they only have one that...
  3. E

    [Spares] i-phone 3G or 3GS Cradle

    Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this being new to this forum. If not then happy for the Mods to move or advise. I have an i-phone 3G/GS cradle for sale that fits without leads into the centre armrest cubby. Part number A204 820 39 51 Its hardly used so in VGC and the dealers...
  4. H

    iPhone 3GS cradle/ media interface cable

    I have recently bought an iPhone 3GS cradle to replace my Nokia 6310i cradle Question is that there is no where to plug the media interface cable that's coming out of the iPhone 3GS cradle? I have comand 2.0 system Anyone had the same issue? Thank you
  5. V

    [Spares] MB cradle for Nokia 6300 for sale

    I have put my MB Phone cradle on Ebay if anyone is interested. It was fitted to a 2008 C Class Sport and is for a Nokia 6300. New car does not have phone preparation so is surplus to requirements...
  6. F

    2006 Viano CDI Ambiente phone cradle no power

    I have a Viano CDI Ambiente 2006 with a phone cradle mounted on the dash near the steering. It is factory built and is the right connector for the Visee0 MB-2. I just bought a Viseeo MB-2 and connected it to the car cradle. No power to the unit. I tested the unit by connecting it to my PC and it...
  7. S

    Will SAP Bluetooth cradle work with Nokia 6301

    Hello Will the SAP cradle (£370) work with the Nokia 6301? I am aware it will with the 6300 (identical looking phone, but diff. software), but I have already tried the next cradle down (£270 bluetooth one which also works with the 6300) with my 6301 and it connected but wouldn't control...
  8. F

    cradled T610 mobile not responding COMAND

    Hi all, I previously encountered a problem with my SE T610 Phone not responding to the COMAND system in my E 320 CDI, and this would report that no phone was fitted into the cradle. First this was intermittend, later all the time. Had done the obvious things, like carefully cleaning the...

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