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cradled T610 mobile not responding COMAND

Discussion in 'Electrics, Vacuum, Ignition and ECU' started by fishingtukker, Mar 4, 2009.

    Hi all,

    I previously encountered a problem with my SE T610 Phone not responding to the COMAND system in my E 320 CDI, and this would report that no phone was fitted into the cradle. First this was intermittend, later all the time. Had done the obvious things, like carefully cleaning the contacts on the cradle and the phone, number of times switching on and off to properly initialise, but this all did not work.

    Went to the MB dealer to swap the cradle. But this also did not work. The new cradle gave the same error! I went home again to find another T610 Sony Ericsson mobile to eliminate the phone from having a problem. I could not find an alternative phone in time.

    But there was still another alternative; a complete reset of the phone! This is normally not advisable, but in this case the last resort before buying another bluetooth cradle, which is compatible with almost any other phone. But I did hear other bluetooth phone systems and I do notice a delay in response compared with the wired analog GSM phone systems.

    So I backed up my phone contacts, all the other items I could not backup with MyPhoneExplorer (BOX comms error), and pressed Master Reset in Settings. The phone is empty and it is suddenly 1st January 2003. Restored the correct time and the contacts and fitted the T610 to the cradle in the car. One second later the phone was recognised by the COMAND system and 30 seconds later the contacts, much quicker as before.

    I can only draw the conclusion that this problem must have something to do with the (cache) memory in the phone.

    Hope this may help someone in the future. And I wish to thank EMA Eindhoven Netherlands for their support.

    Best regards,
  1. television

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    Mar 14, 2005
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    Hello and welcome to the forum,, phones and compatibility are often hard to sort out, thanks for the interesting first post
  2. psmart

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    Feb 7, 2006
    Thank-you, I have exactly the same problem (from time to time). A double press of the Tel button re-initialises the phone interface and all works (Im using the UHI interface on COMAND 2.0).

    Good to know the solution as the 610 stays in the ML270 all the time, never gets removed.

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