1. Noddy 99

    Wiring Diagram Needed for APS50 MN3830 Head Unit

    Hello, chaps, Did a beautiful install of an Android head unit yesterday and then, after a number of hours work, THE UNIT FAILED TO POWER UP! :-( It's not the fuse as when I reconnected the Mercedes unit it powered up fine. My car is a late 2009 W211 but I've reason to believe that the head...
  2. grahamwoodward

    CLC180 Comand video play

    Hi. My wife's 2008 CLC180 (CL203) has Comand with a 6-CD changer in the glovebox. Comand image below. On the face of it, the unit is identical to the one in my 2003 W211 E-Class, but unlike my E-Class it won't play video DVDs. The Sat Nav in the CLC has the map disk in the DVD slot at the top...
  3. M

    C207 2015 Engineering Menu / BT Audio

    In an effort to set bass levels to default as discussed in my other thread I found a reset option under Vehicle settings. The reset cleared the previous owners settings including, which I had been removing manually, and also removed the option to select a BT media device. Reading around the...
  4. B

    COMAND Screen Glitching

    My CLA C117 COMAND screen has worked fine since I bought the car. The screen randomly started glitching one day, turning on with the merc loading screen before shutting off after a minute and switching back on, and repeat. Is this a frequent problem amongst mercs? Also is it possible to fix...
  5. T

    Playing videos via USB, what am I doing wrong

    Hey, can anyone help me? I use to have a C300 2016 where I plugged in an external hard drive into the USB in the centre arm rest storage area. The hard drive was loaded with movies. I could play any movie on the hard dive (when the car was not moving) on the comand screen via media external...
  6. Richie Livo

    R230 2006 SL350 Comand

    Good morning everyone, I’m sure this thread has been done to the death but I either can’t find anything or I’m searching the wrong info etc. I have just acquired an 2006 SL350 obsidian black with the works added pan roof etc etc for weekends/summers to go alongside my 2018 GLC220 PP for...
  7. Mazin Bayoumi

    Comand shuts off

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is a common problem but I recently bought a 2008 C320, while I’m driving, the comand screen closes for no reason and I lose rear indicators and also the last couple of times the fuel gauge drops and I also get what sounds like a ticking sound from the speakers when I’m...
  8. idlerider

    W211 Comand nav problem - won't shut up

    Both the CD and the printed Comand manual say that to turn off voice advice in nav, hold down the mute button for approx. 2 seconds while advice is being given. Sure enough, after two seconds there's a beep - but it has no effect! Does anyone know why, or if there's an answer?
  9. W

    Remove COMAND Unit from CLK320 Cabriolet W208

    I've looked through the forums and although come across similar posts have been unable to find one that works for my vehicle - a Mercedes CLK W208 Cabriolet Avantgarde 2002. I am trying to remove the COMAND unit with the intention of replacing with a Pioneer unit. I had left the car with my...
  10. S

    W211 gps fault

    Hi all, Just bought a 2004 w211 e320 and having a few niggles. My Nav / GPS is playing up. My location is showing that I'm out at sea and from my understanding the Comand setting to change date and time is linked to the GPS ie. with GPS & nav enabled systems you can't manually set the date or...
  11. M

    Pre-Safe Inoperative See Owners Manual - Command line shutting down

    Hi fellow Merc owners and experts. Disclaimer I'm new here as I'm a newbie owner of a Merc after owning VWs. I have a lot of experience with those and diagnose, service and repair them myself. As such, I'm already working on getting myself a MB STAR Xentry kit as I've learnt that owning my own...
  12. F

    W204: Another 'No Sound' problem

    Hello, New forum member here. I shall post an introduction soon. I thought I would start a new thread as every other appears slightly different. My W204 C320 CDI has the Audio 20 head unit with Harman-Kardon option. One Saturday, I drove to the shops listening to the radio as I went. On the...
  13. A

    Is it safe to use Ecomoist on my Comand?

    I use Ecomoist which I use on all my electronic devices: Can I use this on my Comand? If not can you recommend a better product?
  14. A

    command - which one have i got and USB music format

    Hi all. Thanks in advance Ive got a 2012 e class coupe. My command system has USB but no SD slot. I will need a separate navigation module to install in the glove compartment to enable navigation. Which command system is that? command online??? second question some music from USB device don't...
  15. C

    W220/ W215 COMAND 2.5 & other issues, & some solutions

    Well ladies & gents, after some time away from doing things to cars I have sat down and worked out a few solutions to my carious CL-based issues. The main ones are, in no order of importance: 1. Satnav does not work. 2. Phone calls via car kit can have significant noise at the other end. 3...
  16. O

    COMAND V2.5 Map Stationary Cursor Disappears

    Hello, Any help appreciated with a very annoying COMAND v2.5 issue in my 2001 CL500. When using the navigation feature of the COMAND console and selecting Destination Via Map --> Current Location, everything starts off hunky dory. The cursor is in the centre of the screen on my street on the...
  17. D

    Samsung Galaxy S6 won't connect via BT

    Just got a 2006 C class C230 with just about all the bells and whistles, including Comand sat nav, and a hoopy little bluetooth gadget in the central storage area. No idea what it does, but it has a Mercedes badge on it and flashing blue light, so probably makes the car faster..... My problem is...
  18. M7JDP

    E350 Saloon w212 2010 Bluetooth

    I have recently changed to a w212 e350 with comand and I can only get the Bluetooth to work with the phone for telephone calls on my iPhone 7. I was wondering if there was a way to upgrade the system or change some settings to enable audio to stream. Many thanks in advance John
  19. The Barge

    W220 COMAND Not Working

    Hi folks, I've recently bought an early W220 but the Stereo/Nav/CD/Phone isn't working. It is the early version of COMAND, so far as I can tell the fuses are OK however the fuse diagrams are missing. Head unit/phone/nav - not working at all. CD changer - eject button tries to eject CD cassette...
  20. C

    COMAND 2.5 Head Unit repair

    can anyone point me in the direction of a recommended repairers for the navi CD head unit on a COMAND 2.5 set?

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