crank position sensor

  1. D

    CPS issue- 2003 W220 500L- FRUSTRATED

    Hi all, Hoping someone may know something to help. Car showing signs of CPS failure so had this replaced. No change so checked it again and had replaced again. Car seems slightly worse, revs dip while braking towards traffic lights like car is stalling and the cranking takes as long. Dealer...
  2. gothic_merc

    no Crankshaft/ecu communication

    Hi. I've a w202 220cdi. Had a warm start issue. Had the crankshaft sensor replaced but star still says there's a communication issue. Would greatly appreciate any advice. Other code's were glow plugs and esp J
  3. L

    A Class - crank position sensor

    Can anyone advise of what we should expect to pay to have a crank shaft position sensor replaced on our Mercedes A Class petrol automatic (think its an A160). Its a 52 reg and a great little runner and this is first time it has ever gone wrong. Someone came and undertook a diagnostic and...
  4. J

    Crank position sensor removal

    i am trying to replace the Crank position sensor on my 1998 E55,. after a struggle i got out the single tork bolt which holds the sensor in place,. Great i thought,.the hard job done,.i went to pull out the sensor only to find that it would not move and it seems to be seized solid in...

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