1. moj91

    OM656 Failed Vacuum/Oil Pump and loss of braking.

    I thought i had better write up my current situation with my 2020 E400d. (December 2019 build date) Bought the car in June, 1 year old. Apart from the boot lid opening itself once in a while and a very occasional issue with the gear stalk not selecting properly (and the 20" wheels getting...
  2. K

    Alert alert do not buy!!!

    DO NOT BUY FH65ZPS silver e class coupe for sale at jag land rover Southampton it’s completely bodged!! !hi all just had to join to alert everyone not to buy Fh65zps I put a deposit on it 2 weeks ago on the grounds the endless list of scratches on the body the worn turbo , the massive scratch...
  3. D

    W212 Power Steering Faliure

    Anybody else had problems? The power steering on my W212 200CDi failed twice in a month (at 9 months old ). The second time the pump failed without warning whilst I was on a winding road and nearly sent me straight on into a rock face..... This is my first Mercedes - I bought it because I...

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