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    V280 flat battery - where are the jump start points, help pls!

    Hi Stupidly left my headlights on over night, battery is dead as a Dodo. I've seen videos on YT that show a red cap you push in to expose a positive terminal and that there is a pillar sticking out on body work for the negative. My van does not have these I can't find them anywhere. The van...
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    Hood Latch

    I have a 2001 SLK 320. The battery has died and my key will not open the driver door manually. It is turning in the lock just fine but nothing is happening. I need to know how to pop the hood (without having access to the interior hood latch) so I can recharge the battery. Any ideas on accessing...
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    Help: Locked out of SLK

    I have a lovely old SLK 32AMG (R170) Does anyone know how to get into the car (or open the bonnet) when the battery is flat? The car has been laid up on a SORN since November, has been run every month, but otherwise untouched. Previous lay-ups have been in a garage with battery on trickle, but...

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