diesel leak

  1. Jaime B

    CP3 Pump Leak

    Hi, new to the forum and hope to be of use and in need of a little advice. My C220 CDI had a minor fuel leak from the CP3 Pump which I should of addressed earlier but of course didn't! On the return from a trip between Cornwall and Essex the inevitable happened and she stopped, engine light...
  2. G

    Hi - New member first post !

    Hi Guys, I have purchased an E Class ! Always wanted one, Y plate 2001 - E220 CDI It seems that I may have purchased a pig in a poke ! Bought it with a years MOT and thought , how much can be wrong with it ? Apologies if this is the wrong section and if it is perhaps the admin...
  3. H

    Newbie E300 question about air leaks....

    Seems I have an air leak somewhere in the fueling system of my W210 E300d; resulting in no fuel in the system when I come to start and then having to crank the engine over for ages for it to prime up and fire... Once running it's fine though. Before pulling the whole fueling system apart...
  4. T

    Fuel leak, non starter

    Hi All Can't start the car today. 1997 e300 td elegance estate. Noticed dripping fuel after trying to start the car. As you look at the fuel filter from above and left, thier is a pipe that looks like it has a slideing clip rather than a bolt to hold it on. Three pipes at the top and...

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