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  1. Prof.C.Benz

    W124 Coupé (124.050) Electric Driver Seat Frame Issue

    My Drivers seat frame has dropped to one side and my trusty mechanic says the seat itself is fine, but the frame is done, and wobbles down to the right forward corner. I have found a whole new seat on ebay (white leather, but will just remove the seat section and swap mine onto it), and was...
  2. E

    204 Driver's Seat Adjustment

    Here is a new one for the experts...Now that my wife is driving again following our accident in April, she has noticed that the driver's seat of this car doesn't adjust upwards as far as any of the other C Classes did, leaving her a bit short of view when driving. A little bit of investigation...
  3. P

    SL55 AMG seats

    Hi all, my driver's seat functions (Pulse, Lumbar, shoulder and side cushions) all seem to have quit at once. Seat adjustment is unaffected. I can hear clicking (of relays?) when I operate the various switches but nothing else. Any clues? Regards, Peter
  4. R

    E320 CDi Saloon 2004 convenience operation

    The driver's seat convenience function has stopped operating when I turn off the ignition. The setting I've chosen is for 'steering wheel and drivers seat' but only the steering wheel moves. Gone back to factory settings and then re-set all convenience options but no improvement - only the...
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