1. walshy66

    W140 S-Class I need to remove a rear half shaft. Any Help Please?

    Noticed the ABS light on and a quick inspection revealed the problem. The ABS 'reluctor' ring had split on the rear drivers side. No easy fix I presume apart from getting the half shaft out and replacing the ring. Just looking for some tips on how to do this and is a special press tool...
  2. L

    Noise when reversing and when taking my foot of the accelerator in automatic

    Hey Guys, I have a 2010 VITO 115 CDI automatic Deisel. Ive had the van serviced and they couldn't find out what was wrong it so here i am. When i take my foot off the accelerator there is what i would say is a grinding sound which is something going round. I have tried reving the engine...
  3. S

    W211 / S211 E220CDI Prop Shaft - HELP!

    I have just bought an early 2008 E220CDI estate to replace my rusting 2001 version. The new one has a terrible vibration which I think comes from the propshaft as I had a similar issue with the old one some years back. I cannot find out what propshafts will fit. Mine is a 5 speed auto tip...

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