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    DVD system

    Hi all, bit of a cheeky question to ask.. I have a 15 plate E250 with built in DVD system and for the first time i thought i would try watching a DVD and realized that the screen turns off when the car is in motion whilst also displaying a warning message 'screen turned off whilst car in motion...
  2. G

    r230 COMAND help - DVD not recognised in boot

    Hello New member! I just bought my MY2005 R230 and have a question about the COMAND system, I hope someone can help. When I got the car, the COMAND DVD was in the drive in the head unit but I have since discovered that there is a DVD drive in the boot where the DVD should go. When I put...
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    [Spares] MB Original - NTG4.0 COMAND APS Update disks v10 2012 for C Class, GLK or SLS AMG

    Hi, I have a set of original, not copied, MB NTG4.0 suitable for C class (>03/07 <03/11), GLK <06/12 and SLS AMG. It is the full Europe version with TMC. It it the non-retail version, it says "Valid for vehicles with Code 801/802/803 upto 3 years after first registration". It worked...
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    Comand Sat Nav not reading DVD Disc

    My Comand Sat Nav has decided to stop working on my 2005 E220 Estate. It says there is no disc inserted. The disc looks fine and it works in my friends Merc. I've tried his disc but get the same message. I've tried disconnecting all the cables and reconnecting but the problem remains. I have...
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    Rear DVD fit....

    Ok gurus, Variation on a theme here, I'm about to get a 2007 E Class Estate with COMAND DVD APS - I've trawled the threads and remain non the wiser as to how I fit a rear DVD screen. I've got an old screen repeat from a portable DVD System, is there anyway I can connect this to the...

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