e280 cdi

  1. ptruswell

    W211 E280 Estate: rear air-suspension

    Please can other owners advise... My 15-year-old W211 estate is showing it's age in body and, more importantly and potentially costly, in the rear air-suspension department... My mechanic in Macclesfield (Cheshire) advises me that the so-called 'air bag' units that are used instead of...
  2. Adrian Montagu

    E280 cdi 2006 - SOMETIMES - won't let me back into R or Park!

    Hi all, This is a bit unusual. Sometimes my gear selector will not allow me to return from Drive or Neutral back to Reverse or Park. To move the selector, I release the foot brake and I am able to return to R or PARK. The intermittent problems are always the worst! I have replaced the brake...
  3. ptruswell

    E280 (2005) estate W211 indicators not cancelling

    Hello - please could someone advise... Driving up the motorway the other day was more nerve wracking than usual because on a few occasions when indicating to change lane I could not cancel the indicators - moving the stalk central didn't work, worse still quickly moving the stalk to the opposite...
  4. A

    1st post - 1st MB - 05 280CDi Avantgarde Estate 7 seater

    Good afternoon everyone 1st post on this forum - and grateful for some advice. I am about to buy a Dec 05 Silver 280CDi Estate Tip Auto Avantgarde with 7 seats and black leather. I went for it after some research - couldn't quite afford the facelift 06 model, wanted a late old one, a V6, 7...

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