1. silestanix

    EGR delete - W202 C250TD - Quick Question

    Good morning all. Having read through Dieselman's egr delete thread thoroughly I am going to carry out the EGR Delete mod on my C250TD this morning by using a ball bearing to block the vacuum hose. If anything just as a trial to see how the car behaves over my journey to and from work today...
  2. M

    E300TD 1992 mileometer and trip not working

    Hi, I am a newbie to this site having just bought the above car and discovered mileometer is not working. What can I do to get them going again? Speedometer working but occasionally flickers. Please help
  3. G

    Wrench size for battery connection

    My 1997 E300 TD is overseas and I need to re-connect the battery when I pick it up. Adjustable wrenches are too big to fit the space. Anyone know the size of wrench needed. I think it may be 10mm but I'm not sure. If the connection is not properly tightened the damn alarm keeps going off.
  4. E

    Lumpy E300TD, changed glow plugs ... now what?

    Having started perfectly through all the sub-zero weather, my '98 w210 E300TD, 112k, started displaying the glow plug warning after starting, running on less than all cyclinders for a minute or so and producing a white cloud of smoke on start up. After a couple of minutes (and before reaching...
  5. E

    New here...and running E300TD on biodiesel

    First post here... so pls excuse any gaffs! I've been reading back through old posts on the pros and cons of biodiesel and thought I would add my experience so far. I bought my '98 w210 E300TD estate last September specifically to run it on biodiesel converted from waste cooking oil...
  6. A

    help e300td low power

    Hi i,m in need of some assistance i have an 1998 e300td w210 automatic and it seems to have an intermitting fault of the turbo not working, ususally car is fine accelerating upto 60 mph then turbo seems to stop working and car is very flat and does not change up gears at all until you release...
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