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    Eco 0n CLA 250 Start-Stop rarely works

    I have a 2015 250 CLA AMG Line and I have noticed that my Eco Stop Start rarely works. Now I know I do not drive very far every day but when I first got the car it worked on 90% of my journeys even my short ones. Now even after a 100 mile journey it does not always work. Wondering if the...
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    ECO Start/Stop

    I have the ECO start stop on my S Class on my C Class as soon as i stopped in traffic or lights the engine cut out and started when i took my foot off the break does it not work the same in the S Class the ECO light is yellow and the engine never turns off when i stop in traffic
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    Auto stop/start

    Hello, Since car (B180 CDI manual 2014) was bought I have experienced a particular behaviour of the car after an eco start (when you re-start the engine depressing the clutch from an eco stop). The gearbox is manual. Normally the car accelerates swiftly from a complete stop and the acceleration...
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    ECO Start/Stop problem

    Hi there, Just took delivery of a gorgeous 61 plate C180 Sport, Edition 125. My ECO Start/Stop works fine. But after about 4 or 5 stops, the Yellow / Green ECO indicator disappears from the dashboard display and then the green LED light on the ECO button (near the hazard lights) goes out...

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