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    How to reset ECU in w203

    How to reset ECU in w203
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    WANTED - W124 Engine ECU (A0165458132).

    Need a replacement engine ECU ASAP for my 1995 E320 coupe, MB part number is A0165458132.
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    Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI ECU Burn Out And EDC Light On

    Hi, I have a Mercedes Sprinter 51 Reg, problems occurred when my ECU Had burn out when the engine had cut out, and the EDC Light Had Stayed On, i had replaced the ECU Kit,with Ignition barrel and transponder the van had started perfect but asoon as i drove it and the engine had cut out and...
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    Problem with Transmission for C200.

    I am having trouble with my transmission. I have a c200 cdi 2006 Automatic with just under 60k on the clock. When driving, it is all fine however on occasions it seems to stop changing gears and just revs past 3000rpm. When this happens and I have come to a stand still, changing to and from...
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    Featured Job: 2003 W215 CL500 EIS Failure

    Featured Job No1:2003 W215 CL500 EIS Failure. Fault - Car would not unlock or lock with its key or keyless go system or start until it was warm outside/inside. Diagnosis - EIS Failure. Solution - Remove EIS and reprogram used unit and fully test. Once we had the unit refitted into the car it...
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    Mercedes E320 Ecu Problems please help

    Hi there, i have the ecu off my mercedes V6 E320 1997 changed i bought a completed kit but now the rear windows do not work. so i take back to the mechanic and they swoop to the old kit and windows work fine. the Ecu Part Number it is A0265459632 Someone told me this kit was fitted on...

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