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  1. S

    2010 E350 EGR Problem?

    Hi guys, Iv got a 2010 E350. Basically Iv had a cluster of problems in the past month I have changed turbo actuator motor, air inlet shutoff motor and a full service. After a week or so my car had been chugging at revs between 10-15mph. Problem got worse and worse and then a fault code came up...
  2. D

    Egr valve delete

    Hey, Wondering if anyone could help. I'm having issues with the egr valve on my 2015 220d a class. It's been a reoccurring issue so I am looking in to egr delete. There's a place I know that can do the software delete however he mentioned that I would need to blank off the valve with a plate...
  3. D

    EGR problem

    Hello, I am glad to find a sight about MB and DIY! I have a US 2008 E320. I think they are great cars. I am working on the oil cooler..out with orange in with purple! I am hoping to find an EGR delete setup without hurting my Regen or that I may be able to to induce regeneration with a scanner...
  4. silestanix

    EGR delete - W202 C250TD - Quick Question

    Good morning all. Having read through Dieselman's egr delete thread thoroughly I am going to carry out the EGR Delete mod on my C250TD this morning by using a ball bearing to block the vacuum hose. If anything just as a trial to see how the car behaves over my journey to and from work today...
  5. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes Vito Remapping!!!

    Today @ GAD, We had a lovely brand new Mercedes Vito Sport in running the 2.2CDI Delphi DCM3.50 ECU variation which we have full lines of communication via the OBD port. It is owned by a local Garage owner who was fed up with the already problematic DPF system in the vehicle so he came to us...
  6. GAD Tuning LTD

    WT4 Switchable Remapping Teaser video

    GAD Tuning WT4 Switchable remapping system... Teaser video. - Fully Bespoke software - DPF Removal - EGR Disable - £5M Insured and Backed by Hiscox group insurance. - Motorsport Applications - Trackdays - Fast road - Performance/Economy Fo1MQ3IBIuA Any Questions please feel...
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