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  1. D

    Egr valve delete

    Hey, Wondering if anyone could help. I'm having issues with the egr valve on my 2015 220d a class. It's been a reoccurring issue so I am looking in to egr delete. There's a place I know that can do the software delete however he mentioned that I would need to blank off the valve with a plate...
  2. M

    How to increase performance, air intake, turbo for $1. Disable EGR Mod. Observations

    Hello All I've had a Ml270 CDI W163 now for about a year. Love it. Stumbled across some forums suggesting EGR disable and looked into it. Actually my engine was leaking a bit of oil so I started cleaning the engine bay, tinkering and prodding. Turns out the EGR Valve has quite a bit of...
  3. GAD Tuning LTD

    EGR Disable Updates

    Due to the number of failures and cost of the EGR system over the past few weeks we have made the following corrections and solutions for the below ECU's that are capable of being remapped to disable the EGR valve via software. •BOSCH EDC16C31 •BOSCH EDC16C32 •BOSCH EDC16CP31 •BOSCH...
  4. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes EGR Disable by GAD

    We have updated our list of Mercedes EGR Removal function's for the following ECUs •BOSCH EDC15C6 (2.0 CDI engines only) •BOSCH EDC16C31 •BOSCH EDC16CP31 •BOSCH EDC17CP10 Please feel free to ask any questions regarding Mercedes egr removal.
  5. GAD Tuning LTD

    EGR Disable Now Avalible

    New Development for Mercedes EGR Valve Disable. All models now covered from 2000 on, full DTC disable and blanking plates. Never have another EGR fault again with GAD EGR Disable software. Full EGR Disable software can be stand alone or as part of a remap. for more info call or email...

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