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    Can’t open tailgate by button when locked

    Hi Folks, Please help me with my new issue on my MB GL Class 350. Issue Description: - I can’t open tailgate by button when car is locked, but… - I can open it by remote key and… - I can open it by button when car is not locked - I can’t close and lock it by the red button on tailgate (lock...
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    Electric Tailgate not extending fully

    Hi all, I’m new here and so apologise if this has been covered elsewhere. I did try and find something on this but there wasn’t anything (that I found) that specifically helped with my problem. Of course, that doesn’t mean this hasn’t been covered elsewhere so if it has, a point in the right...
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    Electrically operated tailgate kit?

    Firstly, I hope I've posted in the correct section...... My apologies if its conciderd OT. I have an 08 Vito with glazed tailgate. I have a disability & finding it increasingly difficult to open/close the tailgate. Could anyone recommend an electrically operated kit? Many thanks, Andy

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