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    W213 Coupe Rear Emblem Removal

    Hi guys, I'm going to be collecting my W213 E coupe soon, very excited!!! I'm looking at purchasing a black rear mercedes emblem to install on the back of the car. However, I cant find anywhere (videos or other threads) that shows how to remove just the star off the rear camera cover unit...
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    Stolen Emblem

    Some nasty person has stolen my MB bonnet emblem (CLK230 2000 reg). I've seen various priced replacements on the web - anyone got a suggestion for the best one to go for and, perhaps, more importantly, whether there is a way to prevent it being nicked in future?
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    Does an LED emblem cheapen the car?

    Hey you lot, I'm just trying to work out if I'd like an light up LED emblem on the front of my c class and though I would ask people's opinions? So let me know Thanks
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    2008 E320 CDI W211 - Bonnet Emblem conversion

    Hi all, As the title suggests, im looking to do an emblem conversion for my mercedes. Some little runt(s) decided it was not worth being on my car anymore and decided to simply "take it off". Ive been "googling" as such and come across conversions from standing star emblems to flush wreath...

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