1. R

    CDI 220 W203 Difficult to start.

    2003 W203 has become difficult to start, the colder it gets or the longer i leave it between starting the more difficult it is to start. Until very recently there have not been any fault codes, then a couple of days ago after being particularly difficult to start, I ended up having to crack...
  2. C

    W203 C270Cdi ABS/EPC/BAS/ESP warnings

    Morning all I have an intermittent problem with these warning messages. My 2002 C270CDi (151,000 miles) is otherwise brilliantly reliable, but over the past few weeks I've had the problem of these warnings going on. What happens is this: First of all the EPC and BAS warnings go on, a few...
  3. T

    E L epc fault. 220 cdi auto 2003 . Advice please

    I've just bought the above car 47k from new. No service history. Drove it home from Sotland to Warwickshire. Drove beautifully for three days and about 500 miles. 4 days later I tried to start it from cold. And the problem started.... It started then cut out. Displaying E L EPC fault code...
  4. C

    EPC light on my w202 1997 c220 diesel

    Hi everyone, hope you can help me out. I have had my 1997 c220 diesel for about 3 years now, the problem with it is that when I go to start it and wait until the heater light goes out the car runs extremely bad and the EPC light stays on. The car won't take a rev when the epc light is on...
  5. I

    "EL, Power Control EPC Visit Workshop

    Hi, This is my first ever post in a forum. Also this I my first ever MB. I have recently purchased a 2003 C270 CDI Avantgarde. I love the car! However there are a couple of issues. I recently added a dose of REDEX-Diesel into a full tank of fuel; Since then there has been an "eggy"...
  6. renrutp76

    W203 cdi EPC Fault

    some of my recent threads highlight the issues I have been having. Here is a brief summary:- Car was initially hesitating under acceleration at low RPM, initially thought to be a gearbox issue, however my opinion was air in fuel after checking a clear section of pipe. A temporary clear...
  7. R

    1997 c220 epc fault

    hello all, I own a a 1997 Merc c220 diesel which has an intermittent EPC fault which results in Batman style clouds of black smoke & limited throttle response, I have to stop the vehicle switch it off, start again, sometimes the EPC light comes on straight away it might drive 20 mile or 200...
  8. P

    epc problems in my e290 1997

    hi, i experience some ecp alerts on my e290 from 1997. Sometimes the engine lack power. but not always. what is happening?? what is epc??
  9. T

    EPC - Visit Workshop

    Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum and interested in having some advices about an annoying problem on my 2003 S Class 320 CDI. Since a year I search the reason of an EPC notification which occures when the engine is warm and I want to overtake a car for example. I've read many things on...
  10. N

    EPC light on, car in limp mode

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and would be grateful for your thoughts. I own a Mercedes w220 2004 s320 cdi. Recently the EPC Light came on. As a result my car wouldn't accelerate beyond 2000 rpm. It sometimes accelerates like normal but other times it limits itself below 2000rpm. I...
  11. S

    Please please help !!!!Rough Idle and EL power control EPC error

    :confused: Hi there I have a C270 CDI W203 2003 model about 170000KM on the clock, i have been having a problem with rough idle when started but after moving it comes right but once i change the gear to park or reverse it starts again, also when i use the kickdown ( foot down) the car...
  12. M

    C220 CDI cuts out under acceleration

    Hi, I have a C220 CDi 2003 that cuts out if you accelerate a little more than normal. It dies completely and EPC error comes up on the dash. Car will start straight away and will drive fine normally. Even using the cruise control stalk to accelerate will sometimes cause it to happen. If car...

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