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    C220Cdi 2007 W204 Air Con and Cooling Fan

    Hi, the aircon on my car (facelift model) ceased to cool and I also noticed that the cooling fan was running all the time even though the engine temperature was OK. Local non-Mercedes garage refilled the aircon but it still didnt work even after a second attempt. They think it might be...
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    w169 A-180 cooling fan on all the time

    Hi Hoping for some help, My A-180 has an issue with the cooling fan running all the time, car has been running fine no lights on dash but for the last week the cooling/aircon fan is running permanantly when the engine is running, switching the air con or off has no effect, and as the car...
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    W210 Blower Speeds/heat not responding

    I have a problem with my blowers on my E300 TD. It is a 98 model and has the manual rotary controls. The issue I have is that it seems to have a mind of its own! No matter what speed I set the fans to they generally do not change from what can only be described as asthmatic, also they do not...
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    merc vito fan only works on number 4

    hi all. ive got a mercedes vito all but an old one. seem to have a problem with the fan. it used to work up until last week now only works on setting 4. please help if possible!!!
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    W124 320ce Engine operating Temp - What is normal?

    Hello all, I am a new member and have recently acquired a 1994 320ce and I am in the process of checking it out. I would appreciate some advice on engine operating temperatures and cooling. How stable should the temperature gauge be? On mine there seems to be some variation. It heats up very...
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    CLS 320CDi - Fumes and Fans!

    Hi All, I'm having a repeat problem with my CLS and was hoping someone may be able to offer me & my local dealer some guidance or further ideas into what the cause may be: Symptoms: Engine runs slightly 'lumpy' Gear changes 1/2/3 are harsh (not as smooth) Engine appears to be running...

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