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    Owner to be

    Hi this is my first post here, I'm not a Mercedes owner yet and that's why I am here. I am looking to buy an S Class (W221) And I need all the advice I can get. My budget is 8.5k but I could go up to 12K for the right car. Am I too fussy holding out for a low mileage one? Some people say high...
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    Any trouble free motoring with C250d?

    Hey guys, Im looking to buy a C250d (2012-2013). For my budget ive found a couple with around 35K on the clock. Now, ive done my research on mercedes diesel engines and have come across a few horror stories i.e. black death. Ive also heard of people describing, especially with the 250's, a lag...
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    Thinking of buying a 2003 CLK .. Any advice?

    Hi everybody, I have recently come across and ad from a dealership trying to sell a 2003 CLK 1.8 Automatic Kompressor. The ad is currently selling for EUR1,600 which is a pretty reasonable price. I am wondering if there is anything that I may need to take into consideration so that I...
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    W210 Blower regulator

    Hi all, My first post, so please forgive/excuse any poor practice or manners. I recall seeing a previous answer to the problem I have now - heater selector with a mind of its own - and Television offered to e-mail an instruction set on how to change the regulator. That was in January this...
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    Thinking of buying my first Mercedes - C Class 2004 ish

    Hi All, i am shortly expecting to be in the market for a new car as just selling my FTO ( see attached image) It was my boyhood car and time to grow up =) I like the look of Mercedes-Benz C Class and was looking to explore my options. I am leaning towards the C180K SE 3dr Auto...

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