front wing

  1. Hans Solo5

    Mercedes SL 280 R129 1997 Model

    Hi Im looking for a replacement front wing for my Sl 280 1997, I don't mind painting one to match the Brilliant Silver (744) panel, my body shop suggested to replace rather than try and cut out rust from the wing. I've found one from a 199 SL 500 and was wondering if the panel changed any with...
  2. M

    cl203 c180 coupe 2003 front left wing panel

    I have a 2003 c180 cl203 coupe and sadly somone had driven into the side of my car and driven of without leaving any details. They have crushed the near side front wing panel so I'm looking to try and replace it. Looks like its just bolted on with 10mm nuts. Does anyone know if the 2004 and...
  3. Hans Solo5

    Mercedes SL280 R129 1997

    My Mercedes is suffering from the off-side front wing rust issue, it has been repaired before but I was just looking at the possibility of a new front wing ? is that still possible ? are there any fabricators making patten parts . The rust is mainly by the arch extending to the light section...
  4. T

    How do I remove Front Driver Wing Panel on a W204 [C220]?

    Anyone know or have a guide to how to remove the Front driver wing of a Mercedes W204 C220 (2012)?
  5. B

    2002 C220 Coupe Passenger Side Front Wing - RUST

    C Class - C220 Coupe 2002. Yes indeed, the dreaded rust rears its ugly head. I have been trying to find a replacement passenger side front wing and while I can find the saloon front wing for peanuts, the Coupe appears to carved from pickled Unicorns and Pixies. A rare beasty indeed. Does...

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