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    A140 advice

    Hi Mercedes club I need help. I bought my a class a140 few months ago 2004, mileage 50,000. Recently noticed when accelerating past 3rd (40mph) engine bay makes a very loud roaring sound. Only seems to happen when pressing accelerator, dies back down as car slows. Only way I can describe...
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    Need help. I have a 2008 311cdi which is losing fuel. I've traced the source to what looks like a long breather pipe which is located at the rear of the engine. It looks like it drops down and is routed around the bell housing before ending just above the front axle. a) Should this pipe be here...
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    Fuel loss at speed. 311cdi

    Need some help. Horrendous fuel loss when going over 65mph. Fuel sprayed all over the underside of the van from the prop to the rear and over the back doors. MPG figures are ok when travelling long distances and keeping under this speed. Any ideas where I should be looking for the leak?
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    w124 coupe fuel line leak

    i'm trying to get my w124 coupe mot'd but one of the fuel lines has completely rusted through and is leaking at the rear of the car before the arch. nowhere seems to sell fuel lines specific for the car, only flex hose or metal that has to be cut to size, can anyone advise me on what my options...
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    MB W211 220CDI Fuel return issues

    I have a MB W211 E220 CDI 2004 and recently I had a problem with the lift pump in the sending unit that stopped working. I replaced for a new pump and everything was working correctly. For some time now, I noticed that the dashboard said there was 1/4 fuel, but the car don't start. I...
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    W124 1995 M Reg Estate E300D fuel tank leak

    W124 1995 M Reg Estate E300D fuel tank leak My tank leaks, when car is nearly full, and I would really like to know please 1. how easy to remove tank 2. will a tank from a previous model fit, e.g G Reg Appreciate everyones help and assistance in advance.
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