gear box control unit

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    W210 E240 1999

    hi Mercs, this is karim / i have w210 E240 with gearbox # 609 but after searching and trying 7 gearboxes . i decided to change the gearbox that was for E320 with another number. did anyone tried so? another issue. the E320 gearbox comes with 1 electronic plug. and my gearbox is with 2 plugs. how...
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    S211; Gear; Impossible to shift from D to R (and P)

    Have a S211, E320 CDI, 2006. Symptoms: Shifting from P to R (and D) goes just fine. Shifting back from D to R (and P) is impossible. Two ways to go back to R (and P) from D: Shift to N - turn off the engine - then R (and P) Shift to N - engage parking break - let lose brake pedal - then R (and...

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