gearbox limp mode

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    Coding new rear diff

    Anyone know someone who can code the Ecu? I need to code in a new rear diff. It's a remapped 2008 Vito 111cdi. Diff from a Vito 120cdi. The different ratio is causing the gearbox to trigger a fault and restrict gear changes. I wanted the higher ratio diff for better cruising. I’m in the south...
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    W5A580 5G Transmission Limp mode

    Hi everyone, I have a 2008 Jeep Grand Cheeroke WK 3.0 CRD. It has the Mercedes transmission. It has started going into limp mode pretty often. It will not change gears automatically (stuck at second gear) and it will not allow me to manually change gears (+-). If I turn the car off and on it...
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    Gearbox fault P2502

    Hello everyone and I ask for help. I have E 200 2008 and it throws me a P2502 transmission error. Changed the oil and filter and condoctur plate but everything remained the same. The car does not change gears and when it warms up it takes 10 seconds to go backwards when I put in R. Yes I checked...
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    W202 C180 problem

    Hi all, Hope this is the right place to post. Have a w202 c180 auto here 2000. Drove it for a few days with no issues then parked it up for a month or 2. Battery was flat - charged it up and went for a drive and now it won’t move out of 1st gear reverse, neutral etc all engages but it does...
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    B-class B180 , Year 2013, 1.8 Diesel Automatic

    Hi, Got B180 , B-class, 1.8 Diesel Automatic, It doesn't go in any gear, if I shift the stick to D it blinks red and go back to P mode, These are the errors it show, can anyone help ? Is it due to Front Passenger Seat car is not driving ? Or any other issue ? Please advice thanks
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    W203 Gearbox limp mode

    Dear peeps, I brought a w203 c200 kompressor recently. The car seems to be stuck in one gear most of the time. When I stop and restart the issue seems to be fine. I was asked to change the oil, then wheel speed sensors and also tps and throttle magnet. Still the issue remained. Initially...

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