handbrake problem

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    handbrake sticking

    I have 2003 c class coupe. I have to yank a lot on the lever to release handbrake . Any tips on curing this please ?
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    SLK 200 heavy steering and handbrake failure

    My wife's SLK200 is 5 years old, she bought it secondhand in Sussex. I have had 5 different Mercedes cars and never found them to have heavy steering like this car. I have read one of your forum members, who has had a similar problem. We had Chichester MB try it out, they said all is normal...
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    Handbrake Problems

    Please help while I have some hair left. I have a Sprinter 308D, 1997 2.3. Owned for 7 years, it recently failed it's PSV because of lack of handbrake. I have replaced the disc backplates, the combined disc/drum, the handbrake shoes, the "spreaders" and all 3 cables. When first adjusted...
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