head gasket

  1. T

    Crank, no start. Not getting enough fuel

    Hi, I just completed a head gasket replacement on my 1994 e320 m104. Put everything back together and it wouldn't start. I have narrowed it down to lack of fuel. If i cover the air intake in front of the MAF sensor, it turns over and tries to start but fails, or starts but immediately stalls...
  2. moj91

    Headgasket failure W220 S320 CDI - Thoughts...?

    Hello all, The head-gasket appears to have failed in our W220 S320 CDI. Quite a shame as it has been maintained regardless of cost and happily racks up 100 miles a day. Does anyone know what I should be being quoted for repair? Common failure points to consider? Other items which should be...
  3. D

    W202 C200 oil in coolant

    Greetings, I bought used manual W202 C200 Elegance from 1995 and I am happy with the performance and comfort of the car(had E36 before).I inspected everything on the car and it is in very good shape but one thing bothers me.Upon opening the expansion tank cap,it had mayo on it,and the water was...
  4. D

    W124 200T Camshaft Sprocket

    Hello Everybody! I'm a long-time admirer but a first-time owner of a W124 200T estate. I bought her a few months ago - unfortunately the misfire I was told was to do with the carburettor, turned out to be down to low compression. I and a mechanic friend have diagnosed a sticky or leaky...
  5. F

    OM605 timing help!!!

    Hi there, here is the story so far; i had to remove the head from my c250td due to 2 snapped glow plugs and a few other bits and bobs that needed looking at, after getting the head back on and timed up ie. locking pin on the inlet cam and all set to tdc went to fire her up and she refused to...
  6. J

    W210 Head Gasket Failure?

    Hi all I have a W210 E240 petrol auto saloon, 1999, 51k genuine miles. It has two problems, possibly connected (although it would be odd if they were!). 1. I have creamy gunge on the underside of the oil filler cap; 2. the screen & lamps washer resevoirs won't hold water for more than a...
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