1. N

    Vito 113 CDI W639 2011

    Hi All, Been looking around for a week or so but not able to find an answer, so apologies if this has been answered previously. I have a Vito 113CDI (registered)Dec 2011 only had it a couple of weeks, now the colder weather is here it does not get warm in the cabin, if I do not turn the heater...
  2. J

    560 brakes come on while driving

    560 SEC 1990 Hi The brakes come on by them self mostly when Im driving longer distances. I have had new disks ,brakefluid and pads fitted which helped a lot but not totally. Now six months later it is starting again. Any ideas Jordan The great 5.6 liter costs enough in:( fuel without...
  3. zedmeister

    CLK320 W208 Heat Shield

    Hi there, My middle exhaust heat shield has fallen off - does anyone know where I can get one (apart from the stealers). I think the part number is 202 682 01 71 Many thanks!
  4. H

    S-500, AC/Heat not working!

    I have a 95' S-500. The AC/Heat does not work. It does not even blow any air. Can anybody help please? Thank you.
  5. C

    Very little heat in footwells.

    Model C200 - Year 2000 About two months ago in the very cold weather the following started to happen. When starting the car I can hear a clicking noise and as if something is trying to move, it lasts for about 30 seconds and then stops. The air con and heating work fine but very little...

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