1. G

    2009 Sprinter Massive water leak

    Hello all. Firstly I have to admit I am a mechanic and today I was scratching my head! A new customer who has a fleet of luton vans (mostly Trans**s) also has a Sprinter. Never touched the van before today, however it appears on the end of a rope and is 'overheating'....huh. Put water...
  2. ken555

    Sending DTMF tones

    Hi there I have a MB Sap v2 mobile hooked to a Audio 20 CD in our 2006 (facelifted) S211 E320 CDi. It is (Sucessfully) paired with my wife's and my own Samsung Galaxy S 2. The only thing that's causing a problem is sending of DTMF//Touch tones to various systems. Can it be done ?
  3. D

    ecu problem? Engine Cuts Out... Newbie Helppp!!

    Ok heres the scenario when i drive my a140 petrol 1.4L it starts and then slowly starts to cut out on the engine and then just about picks it self back up and then cuts out again and i have to keep starting that car every time i 'try' to drive it ... Any help Thanks!
  4. C

    C36 Rear bushes and rear shocks

    Hi All, Does anyone know where I can get some information on the C36 rear suspension set up? Apparently my rear bushes need replacing (£1000 quote from the dealer) and I could "do with replacing" my rear shocks (£220 each plus labour quote from the dealer) I think the rear shockers were...
  5. F

    Limped home. :-(

    Revs wouldnt go above 2k and temp shot up! Did find air intake pipe hanging off behind the grill. That can't be good!?
  6. R

    Ex-pat with C220 CDI issues

    Hello, I’m a long term reader, first time poster which I appreciate makes me look slightly selfish when I ask for your help, the truth is I’m absolutely hopeless when it comes to cars, mechanics or any sort of technical issues. If I had some worthy to share with you nice people I would be...
  7. H

    Newbie Help Please! W220 CD Changer Wiring Loom

    Hi Guys I hope you're all well and will bear with me whilst I ask a question! I've recently bought a beautiful S320 on a 2001 Y plate... Immaculate, 50k miles, very chuffed apart from the lack of audio options! I've no CD Changer fitted but wanted to know if it is likely that the wiring...
  8. C

    Random Start Problem

    I have a 1987 Mercedes 250 diesel [MO 602] 5 cylinder engine, which currently and randomly will not start on initial fire up. Continuous battery draining rotation eventually achieves success, so far. Suspected air-lock or water in fuel. [Crossed fingers on this continuous rotation bit. So far...
  9. K

    Vito ('98) Rear window wiper wiring

    Hi I have recently brought a vito van (1998, R reg) with an 'up and over' rear boot door. It has a glass window and wiper/washer....... .......however I can not find a switch/ stalk for this! - I'm pretty sure I'm not being stupid and think the van is missing the correct button/stalk. I...

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