1. R

    W124 Japan Import

    Hi I have wanted a W124 estate for a while and have just come across one which is my preferred spec. It is a 1994 E280 and it is through who import the (supposedly very good condition) Mercedes from Japan and service/mot/waxoyl/swap over speedo if nessessary/ UK...
  2. J

    Buying Car In Republic of Ireland.....

    Hi guys, I am about to go to Dublin to purchase a late 90's Merc (will post pics and details once collected), however, I have some questions relating to my overseas purchase:- 1). What is the Irish equivalent of HPI (or is HPI effective in Ireland), as want to check for outstanding finance...
  3. A

    Problem importing contacts to Mercedes Command

    Hi everyone- I hope someone will be able to help me with the problem I am having with the Command system on my Mercedes E class coupe. I have recently had a really big update applied to my command system which now allows me to select 'import contacts' in the telephone menu, where...

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