1. M113K

    North Wales Indie Recommendation ?

    Hi, New to Mercedes so am unfamiliar with which garage is considered a ‘Go To’ one that isn’t going to charge the earth while still knowing what they are doing etc... Now I’m in North Wales on the far end of Anglesey. So about as far as you can get. Even the Llandudno Official Mercedes...
  2. B

    Battery drain problems - shop recommendation

    Hi, Have had a battery drain problem with my w215 (2002 Cl500) for some time now and my limited knowledge and skills have only got me so far... Feel it is time to get it to someone that knows their stuff. Got to the car this morning and it had drained overnight which is a first, either it has...
  3. C

    Good indie in Bedfordshire

    Hello guys, can someone please recommend a good independent in or near Bedford? My local garage turned out to not be able to diagnose a persistent transmission problem.
  4. J

    Question for the indies

    How do you guys feel if a customer wants to watch you servicing/repairing their car and maybe assisting (when I say assisting, I mean passing the spanner)? Not to check that all the work is done but as means to learning a little more about my car. Would you consider it a pain in the arse and...
  5. R

    German Automotive Ltd - Derby, Derbyshire

    All, Not sure where to post this or if there is an Indie Directory on this site, But German Automotive in Derby are the Dogs !!! Fantastic service, fantastic staff and just superb to deal with !!! Cannot recommend them MORE !!! And Paul, they guy I have...
  6. T

    Indie near Ashford in Kent

    Hi I am working between Maidstone and Ashford in Kent. Can anyone recommend a good Indie garage I can use in the area. Thanks.

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