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    Programming clock after com and removal

    I replaced a faulty COMAND unit in my 2004 SL600 with a Kenwood DNX7140. It seems in the 04 cars the Dash clock is set from the COMAND not the steering wheel stalk via the instrument cluster. What are the steps to use STAR diagnosis to fix this? How do I remove the phone and nav from the...
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    S320 Dashboard lights and backlight stopped working

    My 2002 S320 Diesel developed a fault yesterday on the way back from the airport, having been stood for a week. Firstly, the backlight on the dashboard went, then about 10 mins later so did all the dials, indicators and everything else on the dashboard. All other electrics appear to be...
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    Odd electrical faults W123 230E

    :confused: A strange series of electrical faults have developed overnight with a number of seemingly connected things working or not working, previously everything worked perfectly Indicators not working Hazard lights working Rev counter not working speedo working fuel guage not...
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    e230 abs brake problem.

    Just acquired an e230 merc. It has two problems. 1. Just last week it developed a problem with the brakes. Basically when you press the break pedal it sounds as though the abs pump has kicked in - in normal driving/braking conditions. Also there is NO judder on the pedal. It is a sensor, fuse...
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    Instrument Panel E320

    I have just purchased a used E320 estate 2002 auto, the panel display for the gear selector ad outside temp gauge is broken up and unreadable, can these be repaired without buying a complete new instrument/speedo panel

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