1. S

    2004 CLK 200 Kompressor Horn Activates when Cornering!

    I've had my car for a couple of years now, and I love driving it. But about a year ago I started to get this issue where turning the wheel a certain amount activates the horn! Which I'm sure you can imagine makes for seriously anxious driving, not knowing when it will happen. At the time, I...
  2. A

    Starter Motor Problem

    The car doesn’t start occasionally. The battery was changed 2 weeks ago, everything was working perfectly fine until the problem occurred again. You can hear specific noise while trying to start the car, additionally dashboard doesn’t light up while starting the car. Can it be the starter motor...
  3. H

    Cla220d sporadic acceleration issue

    Hey! Had a CLA220d 2018 for a few months now, but been having this strange issue randomly since ownership. Issue: Occasional acceleration issue where the car feels as if it can't disengage gear/stops accelerating. Seems to trigger if accelerating hard after driving at a consistent speed for a...
  4. F

    Mercedes c350 w204 4motion full acceleration issue

    Hi I really need your advese please. It is my first time on firum. It hapens in first and second gear. The guys from mercedes told me I need to replace the gearbox. Another mechanic told me I need to replace the turbo Or actuator... please excuse my bad english I have uploaded a vedeo on youtube
  5. Sarah Garratt

    Audio 20 Stereo

    Hi Guys, I am new to the forum and slightly thick when it comes to techinal aspects of cars. I have an audio 20 in my CLK 2007 model mercedes and wondered, 1. If i wanted to add a CD changer, is it expensive? and how do i go about doing it? i have a cd holder. Is there wiring already in the...
  6. C

    advise needed - battery light coming on for W202 1997 C200

    Hello Mercedes Brothers & Sisters!, I have a W202 Mercedes, 1997 C200 Classic / Elegance. It's covered 200,000 miles but overall is fairly trusty. Recently the car battery light has started coming on - intermittently. Definitely more likely to happen upon "cold" - first usage of the day...
  7. S

    CLK Boot Lock Issues - Solution 200 Compressor Convertible

    Hi all, I've searched high and low for a solution to what seems to be a common issue with Mercedes CLK boot locks. I bought my CLK Convertible 200 Compressor (yr 2000) in February 2016 with a view to driving across Europe to a wedding in Italy in May. A week or so after getting the car home...
  8. R

    Help with sat nav

    Hello people I have Mercedes E250 coupe 13 which I bought recently.. it came with a build in sat nav (hence there is a sat nav botton) However when I try to go on the sat a msg pops up saying no sat nav module is connect... what does this mean and what am I supposed to do ? Thank you
  9. O

    Issue: Sport Mode and Radio Navigation Knob

    Hello, everyone I am having two issues with my Mercedes, otherwise it is fantastic. Firstly when I purchased the car, both the radio navigation know in the centre console when turned used to change the radio station, and now you have to physically move it to change the radio station; and also...
  10. M

    Mercedes E320 Avant 2002 Poor Key Fob Reception

    Please can someone help:( I have a Merc E320 Avant with a problem the alarm fobs that open the doors are very poor even after changing batteries, I have to stand virtually next to sensor on drivers door and press a couple of times on the fob for it to activate!. This cannot be right as if I am...

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