key fob ignition

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    dead key fob 2007 c180 kompressor estate

    good evening. after a bit of help. i have an automatic 2007 c180 kompressor estate and my battery on the key fob died, i was unable to find a key hole for the metal key inside the key fob. can any one point me in the right direction as when this happens again id prefer not to have a mission to...
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    Key fob problems- strange!

    Hello everyone, Thank you for the help offered so far, the advice has been invaluable. The travails of my (newly acquired) W reg CL500 continue... So today the fresh CR2025 batteries arrived and I have replaced the old ones in the key fobs. I now face an unusual problem. 1. Both...
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    I am wanting a spare 2 button ignition key.

    Hi all! I have recently said goodbye to my W202 (C240), and traded her in for a W203 Coupe (C220). My only problem is I want a spare or second key. I have looked a little on Flea sorry eBay & I am just a little confused:confused:! Yup I have no wish to go to a an MB main dealer & get fleeced...
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    CLK 207 cdi. How can I reset the immobilizer?

    Hi everyone!!! Few days ago I spent all the day out, driving around London and my car was working perfectly. When I return home, I parked it and after 1h I came back to my car. I used the key as normal to open it, then I turn on the lights. But, when I tried to start the engine... the car...
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    Ignition prob..Key battery or electronic starter switch?

    Hi guys, I'm back looking for a little more help if possible. I seem to be experiencing ignition problems. I had the electronic ignition switch replaced 6 yrs ago( hoping it's not this!), along with the batteries in the key fob.'s what happens..I can unlock the car with my key...
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    W210 220CDI 2000reg KEY FOB opens doors etc but wont turn in Ignition

    I have been using this key without problem. Then batteries went. Changed them. Key will now open the doors, boot, etc. But it will not turn in the ignition. I have the three button key fob with the key that slides out from the end. Can it be just coincidence that the key goes at the same...

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