lack of power

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    W204 C220 Sound of blowing air and lose of power

    Hello everyone, I'm running into an issue with my W204 C220 from 2011 and unfortunately for me even mechanics seems to struggle to find the real culprit. The issue is characterized by a lack of power, when I press the pedal it's soft and there is basically no power under. When it reaches...
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    190e rough idle setting fuel/air mix

    Hi, I have a 190e that currently has a rough idle and lack of power intermittently that I'm going through and getting everything sorted before using it as a daily. So far I've: -Changed most parts on the ignition system spark test showed all good. -Compression test on all cylinders all tested...
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    E250 Coupe 2010 W207 no kickdown power

    Hi yesterday i noticed that the step-down power increase was not working & also used the paddle change option to drop a gear without the usual increase or turbo kick as i'm used to & expect. The car accelerates smoothly still & there are no warning lights on the dashboard. I tried the auto...
  4. K

    Sprinter lacking power

    Hi all. New to the group. I have just bought a sprinter 311cdi van 2005 106k miles. It is lacking in power over 3000revs when pulling away the power will markedly retard as I hit that rev. Going up hills at 60mph will slow down to 50 and be unable to increase speed even when dropping a gear...
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    W205 engine light fault. NEWBIE on Forum

    Hi all, I have recently bought a brand new Mercedes C Class 250D AMG_line Night Edition. This is my first Mercedes which I'm loving very much, but I am experiencing the orange engine management light coming on. The car has only done 2500 miles with first engine lamp fault coming on under...

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