lambda sensor

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    1998 SLK 200 (R170) Lambda sensors?

    Hello! I have travelled across the internet in search for answers but cant seem to find the right one (or even a person who has the same car as me) so I wanted to check here. I just bought a 1998 SLK 200 (R170, M111.943) with high CO emissions and high Lambda score. I changed the MAF which...
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    Fitting upstream Lambda sensor on a 2007 E280 CDI Diesel

    Hi, my engine management light notification and subsequent analysis showed Bank 1 Zone one sensor failure. I have been under my Mercedes but can only find the down stream sensor. Can anyone help? My questions stem around finding it and any advice on taking it out and replacing it. 1/. Online...
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    Lambda O2 Sensors - where can I get one?

    Hello to all-- I thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide. I was wondering where I can possibly buy a part online. Do you have any good recommendations? I live in Brazil and would need to get the part shipped here, most likely from the UK as the car is a European...

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