1. R

    Cleaning Seats (leather/vinyl)

    Noticed the car seats in my C350 have white marks all over them. Fairly sure they where there when I got the car about 7 months ago but I never paid much attention to them as they are quite faded. Understand they aren't real leather but can't seem to shift the marks. Didn't want to try anything...
  2. T

    A Class cream interior

    Hi All New to the forum and wondering if someone can help me out I’m looking to buy a white A class with all cream interior including Cream dashboard in Automatic. So far I’ve never been able to find one which fits all these specs. So my question to anyone with more knowledge than me is, does...
  3. rorywquin

    Dash materials - SL400

    Any idea of what the modern "leather" leather dash is made of - mine has very nice stitching etc and looks & feels like leather but I'm not sure. I'm about do do a full spring clean and was wondering if I should be using leather care or something else on the "leather" part of the dash. Cheers
  4. Dean Fletcher

    Is there anything I can do about this?

    Hi everyone, My drivers side leather seat is starting to crack. Is there anything that can be done to fix/stop or prevent this? Please see photo. Many thanks Dean
  5. Hans Solo5

    Mercedes SL280

    Hello Im having the bolster on my Mercedes repaired and wanted to ask if anybody has a colour code for the Grey Leather interior from a 1997 SL280, In the book it states "Grey" no code, the exterior is 744 Brilliant Silver. Has anybody come across the issue before or is it a case of just...
  6. W

    Gliptone vs Autoglym

    Hi all, Just in the process of purchasing some Autoglym leather balm and leather cleaner, but while searching the bay I came across a brand called Gliptone. Has anyone used the Gliptone leather cleaner and the leather conditioner ? If so what is your experience/advice of it ? Thanks Waheed
  7. M

    How to find out if a W211 has genuine leather?

    Hi all, Sorry if this post is in the wrong section. I'm looking at E-Class's with my dad and we have seen one which we quite like the look of, the owner states black leather. Just curious to know apart from spec checking the car, how do you know if it has Artico or the Real deal? Any...
  8. S

    Cloth to leather, possible?

    Hi All If I say I need to chance from cloth to leather trim on C220 53 Plate, am I talking rubbish or is it possible? Has anyone done this before and roughly what sort of cost am I looking? Take care and marry Xmas!

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