1. Lee Edwards

    Gle350d 2016 airmatic

    Hi, new to club . I have a Gle 350d p+ 2016 . Airmatic 23k miles Please can someone direct me to a post regarding my problem. I have read many threads and can’t find anything. The airmatic has malfunction. No leak, not sagging, level . Not fuse or relay. Normal first thing in comfort, until...
  2. A

    Engine oil level, stop vehicle, switch engine off

    Hi, Since having my car recently serviced I have had the warning light on saying ‘Engine oil level, stop vehicle, switch engine off’. I have had the sensor changed by a local garage and oil level checked, but it still has the same fault. It does not come on immediately when starting the car but...
  3. Smaltze

    w210 e320 atf fluid confusing level

    Ive been trying to work out my atf level. i bought an ebay dipstick but its not got set level marks on it. pic is attached. The numbers on it are every 5mm, starting from 1 which is at 10mm. I measured it cold and it was at the red line. I just measured it today after driving 200 miles and...
  4. Smaltze

    I have changed my atf fluid - assumption

    Just changed the atf fluid on my w210. I drained the sump with the car tilted back over night, removed the sump and cleaned it and changed the filter and gasket. I then reattatched and put in 3l of new fluid and luckily stopped there check what i should be doing. i didnt drain the...
  5. M

    Engine oil overfilled by dealership

    My E320 has just had a service at a Mercedes dealership and upon return, when driven home it billowed smoke and juddered. The engine light came on and a warning message 'reduce oil level'. I took it back next day and they 'fixed' the problem, but when I took it for a test drive the same thing...

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