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    Locked out of 2005 a150

    Hello all, bit of an issue following leaving my parking lights on when I went away for a few days, I’ve returned to a fully flat battery. Blade key is not engaging (turns 90 degrees left and right but doesn’t open door) I’m not the most technical of people but does anyone have any suggestions...
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    Mercedes a class 2016 not opening.

    I have returned home after working away for two weeks and my car won’t open with my keys. I have inserted the metal key into the door and I can see the lock pop up however my door still won’t open. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks
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    Driver side Door doesnt always open, inside/out c204 coupe

    hey guys, i recently bought a 2012 c204 coupe amg line and was having a little problem with the driver side door, my problem is when i unlock the car with the key, the motor comes on, the lock does come up on the inside i can see it, but when i pull on the handle the door doesnt open and the...
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    Mercedes v230 98 central locking/ alarm

    Hi all, I have brought a 1998 v230 and have been restoring to get her back on the road, i have done alot of work on her and im nearly ready to put in for MOT. I am having a lot of trouble trying work out whats going on with the alarm/central locking. When i first unlock the van the for the...
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    Mercedes left rear door lock issue

    Dear everybody, My Mercedes c180k estate's rear door can not be locked or unlocked by either the key or the console, but if i manually push down the button then close the door, it can be locked. It is not bouncing up and down, but no reaction with key, auto, or central console except a noise...

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