Driver side Door doesnt always open, inside/out c204 coupe


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Jun 10, 2020
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2012 c204 coupe amg
hey guys,
i recently bought a 2012 c204 coupe amg line and was having a little problem with the driver side door, my problem is when i unlock the car with the key, the motor comes on, the lock does come up on the inside i can see it, but when i pull on the handle the door doesnt open and the handle has no tension to it, spam the key a little bit and the door eventually opens, same for the inside, when i pull on the door handle, the lock pops up on the door but it doesnt open, i have to press the unlock on my keys while in the car to get out sometimes, this is an intermittent problem though, as sometimes the door will work perfectly, i feel like its fixed it self but then be disapointed a few days later when it comes back, anybody got any diy tips or had the same problem thanks!

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