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    Mercedes a class 2016 not opening.

    I have returned home after working away for two weeks and my car won’t open with my keys. I have inserted the metal key into the door and I can see the lock pop up however my door still won’t open. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks
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    Srs locked belts

    Hi guys Recently a car crashed into the back of my 2006 b class that I have now bought back off the inurance company. Minor damage needs rear bumper and boot. The srs light and airbag light are on and the seat belts are locked. How do I go about repairing the belts? Thanks Tim
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    SL500 R230 - Charging consumer AUX battery with boot stuck locked

    Hello guys I have searched for days on end and read so many threads but cannot find an answer to a small question I have which potentially could solve a variety of SL bootlid/PSE/ Consumer battery issues... My fuel is low and the central locking is stuck in lock position for the fuel flap etc...
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    Boot, Tailgate Locked...Please help, WD40?

    Hi The lock on my boot wont open and has been sticky for sometime. I read on a thread about oiling, using WD40. Does anyone know exactly where I can spray the locks and where NOT to spray :-). There is no 'key lock' on the boot itself and the only way to open the boot seems be to press on the...
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    R230 Fuel filler cap not securing..

    Hi, Having a problem with the fuel filler cap. Sometimes when opening the central locking it flicks open. The electrics seem fine as you can see the pin move in and out when using the key fob, but the internal plastic piece in the hole doesn't move out of the way sometimes. I have uploaded...
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    SLK - permanently locked arm rest compartment

    My arm rest compartment is locked & wont open. any ideas??

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