1. K

    Need help Codes p0175 p0172 w212

    I had this e350 engine light come up reading p0175 system too rich bank 2 P0172 bank 1 Took to a mechanic. He though he fixed it when he found a broken throttle lever actuator in the intake manifold. Sadly still the same codes. I decided to take the car back as is because I could see this guy...
  2. S

    OM651 MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

    I spent ages searching on line for the location of this sensor and also got some unhelpful advice from an independent I did not know about my error code (P0109 Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Circuit Intermittent) not making sense. There is a YouTube video of someone changing...
  3. T

    Missing CDi Intake Manifold Actuator/Motor

    Hi, I bought my W210 CDi 2.2 two years back, Its working all fine but today it was a great surprise for me when I saw a 3 pin connector near backside of intake manifold. I googled and check it thoroughly and by physical investigation I came to a final conclusion that since from last 2 years I am...
  4. C

    Faulty inlet manifold found after DPF replaced. Did the DPF need to be replaced?

    I have an MB 250cdi Estate elegance (5yrs old, L reg). I took my car into the Salisbury MB dealership with the engine light on (not the DPF light) and loss of power - it had gone into limp mode. I'd called the AA and they said it could be the a faulty EGR and a blocked DPF, but that a garage...
  5. Prof.C.Benz

    6 Branch Manifold for a W124 M103 engine??

    I have been searching for this, and cannot find.. Can anyone help, or does anyone have other suggestions for the Exhaust system to open her up a bit?? I am a newbie, so please go easy if there is something flawed with my idea.. Blessings.
  6. Z

    W210 CDI 220 won't start after manifold clean

    I have had a limp mode problem with my recently purchased car. Searching the forum I saw it is a common problem, and is often related to EGR valve. I took it off to clean it, and saw the manifold is packed with black gunk. So I decided to clean it as well. During the disassembly I took off the...
  7. A

    Cracked Manifold 230CLK 2001 kompressor

    Hi guys This is my first post! I have been deliberating selling my 2001 230CLK for a few months only done 66kmiles FSH mostly by merc. Any way sods law is that the manifold has now cracked i no it is a common problem and just a matter of time but it would have to be now!!!! Spoke to my...
  8. D

    inlet manifold for clk 270 (03)

    Hi Guys, Anyone know where I can get an Inlet Manifold for an 03 CLK 270 CDI (Diesel) w209 Chassis? The Merc dealer in Belfast charges £338 + VAT (20%). Id take one second hand if I could get it :-) Thanks in advance.
  9. H

    C220 cdi, Misfire / Manifold Fault

    Hi Guys, wondering if you can help. I have a C220 Cdi on a 2004/04 plate, bought the car recently and every so often when revving it was making a screeching noise - loosing air and then going into limp mode. Disovered one of the manifold bolts was missing, have had the manifold taken off...
  10. T

    ML270cdi (2001) Low Rev problems

    Last month my Mercedes ML 270cdi began driving only at low revs in emergency mode, when taken to my mechanic he had replaced the intake manifold. After about a week, I have been experiencing similar problems but the car now goes into this emergency mode intermittently. Some days the car is...
  11. P

    Air Manifold Heater - draining battery

    hi, i am newbie on this site and have just been reading threads on battery drainage. i have a 30amp/h drain on my C220 CDI at the moment which my mechanic has, after five days, diagnosed as being a fault in the air manifold heater. Most of the threads i have read on battery drains refer to a...
  12. rx6180

    Manifold to transmission fixing stud size

    Hi. My car is a 2 litre 1999 C200 auto and I wondered if anyone knew the thread size of the stud and nut that is supposed to hold the exhaust manifold to a bracket mounted on the transmission. Mine is missing. I had the car up on wheel ramps last weekend and was underneath intending to...
  13. C

    V220 smoking from manifold

    Can anybody answer my question. I have a 2003 V220 that has just had a major service. The garage told me that the pistons may have gone as there is black smoke coming from the manifold when I put the heater on. Car is running perfectly otherwise. Anybody know if this is correct or could be...
  14. T

    ml 270 cdi oil leak from inlet manifold w163

    Hi All My 2003 ML 270 CDI apparently has an oil leak from the inlet manifold I’ve just got back from MB dealer in Bromley. And they say it’ll cost £1,700 to replace the inlet manifold! Apparently fuel pipes would also need to be replaced a major job! I asked how is oil leaking from the...

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